lindsay j williams

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I’m Lindsay, the gal behind all of this.  I started my own wedding stationery business for the freedom that comes with becoming my own boss, but in reality, I had 50+ bosses in the form of my couples and it felt anything but free.

I was drowning in client work, and my business was growing SO slowly, despite working all the time.

When I finally pressed pause to create a plan to generate more leads and figured out how to warm up those leads – the sales became easier and quicker to close. After I cracked the code, my business grew by $100k in one year and quickly jumped to $300k by year five. I focused on what worked, and poured more fuel on that fire so I could scale without the constant overwhelm.

Fast-forward to today, and I now help fellow wedding pros determine exactly what to focus on with the limited time and energy they have. So when they sit down to work on their own business, they’re confident that they are working on things that are actually going to grow their bottom line. And I’m so jazzed up to help you do the same. 

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xo, Lindsay!