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I’m on a mission to spread the word of just how powerful wedding shows can be. As part of that mission, I partner with show producers around the world to host free virtual workshops for their vendors. 

When vendors have success, all of our businesses grow. And let me tell you… it’s magic when we can all work together to help each other shine. 

Host a Live Virtual Wedding Show Workshop


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I know that shows are the most effective way to fill up a wedding calendar, which is why I will always recommend that wedding pros sign up for shows. I pull back the curtain and share my real numbers to explain the massive ROI shows can bring. People are encouraged and excited to sign up for your next show  when I show them what's possible. 

A tool to help you sell more booths

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In these workshops, I teach how to warm up leads before the show (even without a leads list), how to fill their calendars at the show, and the follow up strategies after. They are an incredibly valuable resource for your vendors. Offering this kind of support drastically sets you apart from your competition and shows you care about their success.

a resource for your vendors

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+  Set up the Registration Page
+  Send the Reminder and Replay Emails
+  Provide you Promotional Email Copy
+  Create Social Media Graphics and Copy
+ Teach The Workshop

Once we’ve set a date on the calendar, I provide you with everything you need to promote the workshop to your vendors. Within 48 hours of setting the date, I’ll send you an email with a registration link, copy written, and graphics created for promotional emails and social posts.

All you need to do is be willing to share with your vendors so we can fill up the workshop! 

I do all the prep work, you just show up... 

what's included in the workshop

I will... 


I ask that you promote to your whole list of vendors - those that are currently signed up for the show and  also those who are not. These workshops are an incredible sales tool for those on the fence! 

you promote to your vendors:


I set up the registration pages and provide you with all promotional content. The funnels are already built and proven to convert, so let's not reinvent the wheel!

I set up the registration page: 


I recommend scheduling a workshop 8-10 weeks before your show to give vendors enough time to implement the strategies we teach and sign up for the show if they haven't done so already. 

We set a date on the calendar:


We will host the workshop together via zoom. I will do the teaching, so there is nothing that you need to do to prepare. I suggest we both come on video for a quick introduction and also a Q&A at the end - but you coming on video is not required. 

We host the workshop together: 


Tara Hoffman, Bridal Bazaar 

"Our exhibitors attending Lindsay's workshops have seen a significant improvement in their ROI, all thanks to the invaluable insights and strategies she shares. Lindsay's expertise has boosted the quality of our presentations and instilled a sense of professionalism and CONFIDENCE among the whole group.

Show promoters who are looking to boost sales, elevate the quality of exhibitors, and offer an incredibly valuable and unique resource to their clients, need to work with Lindsay. She’s a find on all levels - a great teacher, friendly and approachable, and has all the tools to teach businesses to thrive!"

Show promoters who are looking to boost sales and offer an incredibly valuable resource to their exhibitors, need to work with Lindsay. 

Kristen DeBadts, Wedding In New York

"Lindsay is highly regarded for her exceptional qualities as an individual and a businesswoman. Her comprehensive knowledge and inspirational stature make her an influential figure. Her workshops have proven instrumental in the successful acquisition and retention of clients for the Wedding in New York Expos.

Through these workshops, wedding professionals have been trained in effective preparation, execution, and follow-up strategies for expos, which has led to improved performance by our clients at these events which turns into future expo booth sales."

Lindsay's workshops have proven instrumental in the successful acquisition and retention of clients for the Wedding in New York Expos.

Jewels Gray, Rocky Mountain Bridal Show

“I was instantly drawn to Lindsay and excited when she said she would do a free workshop for my exhibitors! She makes it so easy by providing all the copy and templates -  you have to do is send them out. She takes care of everything and hosts an incredibly informative and well-structured session!

Our exhibitors LOVED IT,  they keep telling me how much they learned from it and how excited they are for the show. Bringing her to your exhibitors sets you apart from the competition and shows that you care about their ROI, are a leader and expert in your market - and that will ultimately pay off in loyalty. It’s a no brainer – Lindsay gives them the tools for success and when they’re successful, you’ll be successful.”

Bringing Lindsay to your exhibitors sets you apart from the competition and shows that you care about their success.

Sal Richette, The Pittsburgh Bridal Showcase 

Lindsay did a workshop for my market and she was incredible. I’ve learned a lot myself and I highly highly recommend that you producers take her up on her offer as it’s free to you and gives a third-party recommendation to vend at your shows.It’s an absolute no-brainer! 

Lindsay's workshop incredible. It’s an absolute no-brainer! 

Hey there! I'm Lindsay and I help wedding pros fill their calendars in one sitting at wedding shows. If you want to generate more leads and book more weddings, you're in the right place!